AUB English Entrance Exam (EN) Summer 2020 - Sept 01 - 1 pm

Date: Sept 01 2020.
Dear EN candidates your safety is our top priority that is why we need to take strict safety measures for the protection from the COVID 19 (Corona virus).
1. Report to AUB campus at 12:45 pm.
2. Bring with you your registration ticket along with your official government ID, or passport and two recent photos.
3. Wait in the space in front of Nicely Building keeping distance of at least two meters with other candidates.
4. OIRA staff members will escort you to the testing room (5 candidates at a time).
5. Need to wear a face mask upon entry to the testing room and you need to keep it on throughout testing session.

PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE ONLINE IN USD OR EQUIVALENT LBP. Currency can be changed in the top left menu.
Provider: OIRA
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